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United Coal Company

Corporate responsibility

At United Coal Company, we take both social and corporate responsibilities seriously.

We are committed to maintaining a balance of safe and efficient, clean coal production with minimal environmental impact. We see responsibilities as opportunities, constantly seeking ways to contribute meaningfully to the communities where our operations are located.

We use the latest technology to produce the cleanest coal and to contain emissions. UCC invests substantial resources in equipment upgrades and mine site improvements to promote saety and efficiency. Studies show that modern equipment reduces the environmental impact from the production and consumption of coal.

Our community involvement includes not only reducing emissions and ensuring that mine sites are restored to their original condition (or better), but we also contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to local economies through the creation of good-paying jobs and payment of corporate taxes.

Our employees regularly donate their time and resources to neighborhood projects – such as clean-ups and building upgrades – for schools, churches and communities. In addition, our company donates funds for schools, nonprofit fundraisers and other worthwhile endeavors.

We are proud of our achievements – in focusing on and promoting the safety and wellbeing of our employees, clean coal production, environmental responsibility and corporate citizenship. These are the standards that continue to shape our company’s future.