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United Coal Company

United Coal Company represents the North American interests of Metinvest.

UCC was formed by private investors, (including James McGlothlin who was one of the founders of the original United Coal Company in the 1970s), and grew through acquisitions of metallurgical coal producers.

Since then UCC has grown to be one of the

UCC puts safety, compliance, and the environment ahead of everything.  The company’s injury rate and violation rate has consistently been under the national average and they both have continued to trend down over the past several years.  In 2017, UCC had a record year with environmental compliance.

UCC has grown to be one of the leading producers of metallurgical coal in the United States. Production capacities of UCC’s three operating business units total over 2.6 mln metric tons annually, with plans to increase to nearly 3.8 mln metric tons over the next five to ten years. UCC mines mostly metallurgical coal with some steam using both underground and surface mining techniques in the states of West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky.

In 2009, UCC became the North American subsidiary of Metinvest, an international, vertically integrated mining and steel group of 24 industrial companies leading the mining and steel industry of Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Metinvest uses a blend of different coals, including Ukrainian, Russian, and US coal to produce coke for the production of their steel products.  Ukrainian and Russian coals are generally less expensive and lower-quality.  US coals, which are more expensive, are used to increase the coal blend quality.

Since the acquisition, UCC has invested more than $350 mln in its assets.  Key projects have included rehabilitating and restarting production at Affinity Mining Complex, as well as upgrading several of its preparation plants and loadouts.

UCC has been able to dramatically reduce cash production costs over the past several years.  Despite operating in thin seam mines, UCC’s overall production costs have been lower than sales prices.

At UCC, we see new challenges as new opportunities that emerge in ever-changing national and global economies. We have a bold vision for the future, and our company is well positioned to meet the rising demand for met coal amid unprecedented growth in global steel production.